Hi, I'm Cheryl.

I am a bestselling author, and I speak worldwide about resilience and the self-imposed captivity people face each day. Are you feeling captive?
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Hi, I'm Cheryl.

I am a bestselling author, and I speak worldwide about resilience and the self-imposed captivity people face each day. Are you feeling stuck?

I am passionate about freedom.

My educational framework has been profiled by major media such as PBS, Forbes and Huffington Post. National News sources such as CNN and HLN turn to me to provide expert commentary on how to be resilient and powerful and find freedom after adversity. But it wasn’t always that way …

I grew up on a horse ranch in the remote Rocky Mountains that was so isolated, you couldn’t see other signs of civilization. As a kid it was heaven, but as a teenager, I wanted to get out and see the world and go where people wore cool clothes – anything other than boot-cut Wranglers, really. So, I left for the bright lights of Europe with nothing more than an over-packed suitcase, my best friend, and a dream.

No sooner did we get to France than a man with a camera around his neck approached me. He told me he could make me a model if I just went off with him and his friend. It turns out they were not fashion photographers; they were criminals. They held me captive, beat, and raped me. When they eventually left me for dead, the real fight for my life began.

Afterward, on my journey back to ‘normal’, I found myself stuck; I felt imprisoned by my mind and trapped by what had happened … despite the fact that I desperately wanted to create a new life for myself and leave the past behind. Even though I was free, I felt more captive than ever.

Now before you think, “Wait. What does this have to do with me? I’ve never been abducted and I likely never will,” here’s what I’ve learned: captivity is part of the human condition. We have all been held captive to something. We all experience circumstances that get us stuck and keep us from living the lives we want to live.

What about you? Where are you captive?

Here’s what I mean: do you ever self-sabotage? Do you ever say you want one thing, yet somehow find yourself doing something else? Maybe you’re stuck in a dead-end relationship or job. Perhaps you’ve been waiting for far too long to pull the trigger on writing that book. Maybe you want to finally get in shape, but you’ve been unable to for whatever reason.

Sure, we’ve progressed since caveman days – I mean, we have Netflix and the Roomba – but we’re still at the mercy of our primitive Survival Brain, which has the ability to hijack the thinking part of the brain. When that happens, we become imprisoned by our mind and at war with our own nature – in other words: we become captive.

On my own journey, as I looked around, I saw I wasn’t alone in being stuck. Each of us faces circumstances we would never have chosen for ourselves. When that happens, we can just as easily become captive to our past as well. Somewhere in the mix, our Survival Brain steps in to protect us, and that’s where it all goes haywire. We can end up unwittingly at war with our own nature, and wonder why we can’t seem to get it together.

It’s not our fault. It’s a design flaw in the way we’re put together. What was intended to protect us ends up shutting us down and keeping us small, safe and unfortunately – unfulfilled.

I knew there had to be a better way – so I created one. I became fascinated with the study of freedom and made it my life’s work to understand how some people recover from adversity while others never do. I worked with Holocaust survivors, 911 First-Responders, and war vets, then I charted my own course to freedom and left breadcrumbs along the way. In the process, I created my educational framework which is called Break Free Formula. My team and I deliver that education worldwide in companies, schools, organizations, and to people like you.

After I applied the education to myself, I decided to become a model anyway. By the time I was 23, I’d lived in 7 countries, been featured in every major magazine franchise around the globe, and I was the worldwide Coca-Cola girl.

I was my first case study, but I’ve also coached and led programs to a quarter million people over the past twenty years.

My life has been a uniquely powerful laboratory in how to break free from captivity, and I can help you, too. You do not have to stay stuck, imprisoned by your mind and at war with yourself. You can unleash your greatness. I can help.

I’m honored and thrilled that you’re here. Welcome.

You’re here for a reason, though, right? So – let’s get this party started, and work together! See you on the other side!

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