Feeling Empty and Unfulfilled? Fill Up On This.

Today’s video is about what to do when you feel unfulfilled and empty in life.,

The idea for today’s video was sparked by a call I received this morning from an old client, Barry.

Barry mentioned that he feels unfulfilled and empty at the moment. I asked him some questions about what was going on in his life. I listened, then I asked him what he is doing to contribute to others.

Why? Because if we’re focused upon others we don’t see our own problems. It is like Galileo theorized all those years ago when he said, “Two things cannot occupy the same space simultaneously.” If you’re focused upon another, you will cease to see nothing but your own problems.

Don’t believe me? Try it on for size and report back!
Using the comments box below, let all of us here know what you learn!

Can’t wait to hear from you!


  1. Hello again
    Ok, here goes. I work for a psychiatric facility that cares for the needs of others. I am in the service industry where I work very closely with the criminally insane. It is very dangerous and stressful. Also rewarding when you see the difference you make to someone. On the other hand, we are told to put our lives on hold while we are there. We have lives outside the facility and sometimes just as hectic. So, it benefits us to reach out to family and friends and find something to fill the void. I myself read biographies and decorate my house with movie star photos. Also, listening to what you have to say helps me with my day. Thank you so much.

  2. Awesome Video!! Its always a wake up call to be reminded that focusing outward towards making a difference to others is one of the most powerful ways to get the juice of life…fullfillment at its best!….I think that is a great point you made about music shows..Im a fan of The Voice and the reason not only because of the raw talents they discover, but the stories about who made a difference to who gets me at my heart level, hence, the moral of this video…Today I’m going to go out and make a difference to my daughter, clients and my friends…Cheryl Hunter, YOU make such an impact on me and who ever you touch….Thank You!!

  3. I rarely have felt empty and unfulfilled, but I do know that when I authentically contribute to others and make some kind of a difference for them, it enriches my life, lifts my spirit and creates a space far bigger than myself to dwell in……and I am left in a place of love and empowerment. Thank you Cheryl for this Great video! It’s a good reminder to always get off it, to see the possibilities in our lives, to live beyond our smallness and into our greatness and when we get stuck, to unstick ourselves through contribution. Thank you, thank you my friend, a powerful message.

  4. A great reminder to rise up and live beyond our smallness and into our greatness. To unstick our stuckness through authentic contribution and to get that we are powerful beyond our thoughts. Being a contribution………..It always leaves me uplifted and in a space of great love and empowerment. Thank you Cheryl for this wonderful message and video.

  5. Great stuff Cheryl! Reminds me that we are all here to help one another! Do you know that you are a rabbi?!?!


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