How to Make Every Challenge as Easy as 123

What makes us the same is that we all face challenges. What makes us different is the way in which we face them. For a new way to simplify your challenges so you can see a way out of them, check out this video.

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How To Avoid Disaster

Disaster comes in many forms, sizes, and shapes. There are unavoidable disasters – such as natural disasters, terrorism, illness, and the like – and there are avoidable disasters – such as the times we should have known better (or we did know better, and decided to go...
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How (and when!) To Pick Your Battles

As kids, we were taught the importance of choosing our battles because at that time, we had the boundless time, energy, and bandwidth to argue anything, regardless of our feelings about it. We never needed to learn how to reign in those powerful emotions and reserve...
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How to Find the Good in People When You Feel Bad

I think we can all pretty much agree; this has been a divisive, challenging time in our history. Misunderstanding and upset are at an all-time high. Friends and family have split from one another. People are feeling alone, frustrated, angry, and not heard. And that's...
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Are You Telling the Truth to Yourself?

When we avoid facing the truth or telling the truth to ourselves, the effects can be paralyzing. If you’ve been feeling stuck, frustrated, or just plain “blah,” chances are, there’s some “truth” that’s not being told. Watch today’s video for a solution, and take away some actionable steps that…

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